Christmas windows in London

England has the best shopping in the world. Not for nothing did Napoleon call the English “a nation of shopkeepers.” Some people might put in a word for Galeries Lafayette or Macy’s but for luxury, diversity of choice, and rampant consumerism all in one immaculate package, London’s department stores are the place to be. There are even TV shows about them.

Christmas, as I’ve mentioned before, is the biggest shopping event of the year. British department stores, especially the flagship stores in London, push to extremes to have the best window displays each Christmas.

Creative Review has a look at the best department store Christmas windows. Naturally, the British stores top the list.

If you can’t get to Oxford Street between now and December 24th, here’s a taste of what you’re missing:


See-through Tower Bridge!

Well, the floor is, anyway.

Just in case you wanted to visit London at the absolute worst time of year, from December 1st Tower Bridge will join the ranks of world-famous monuments that make you realize you might not be as immune to vertigo as you thought.

The Eiffel Tower still takes the top spot, for the special terror their glass elevators can induce through the special combination of vertigo and motion sickness.